Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch


SuckerPunch! is a Baltimore-based alternative rock band that covers a wide range of up-beat dance tunes. The band has been playing together since 2009 and has built an extensive list of songs ranging from 50s rock-n-roll, to current pop, classic and progressive. The common thread is well rehearsed, solid delivery with fun and interactive stage presence. Our only goal whether playing a bar, concert venue, party, or event, is that our audience is having as much fun as we are.

Members include: 
Michael Mincin - Lead vocals & guitar - When not playing music, Michael spends his time saving lives in the ER at University of Maryland Hospital and with his wife and two kids. Although he's always thinking about playing music and usually a tune playing in his head.      

Larry Geipe - Lead Guitar & vocals - When not out nailing rockfish on the Chesapeake, Larry's always itching to get on stage to rock out some killer guitar sounds.

Regan Garcia - Bass and sex appeal - Regan is well known in B'more as the guy with the best chair-side manner in the world of dentistry; with a skyscraper office overlooking Charm City. He and his wife have their side-show home life with a 150 lb Great Dane and a 25 pound maniac Irish Jack Russell. 

Kory McCann - Drums and vocals - Kory and Regan have been playing music together since Car Full of Bobs in 1992. In his opinion, playing music is the best possible way a person can spend a weekend - or an occasional weeknight. No one quite understands what Kory does when he's not playing music, so we'll leave it at that.